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Question: Are your crisp bags recyclable?
Answer: We are launching the UK’s first nationwide recycling scheme in partnership with TerraCycle. This is the first step in our journey make all of our packaging 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025.
Question: How do I participate in the Walkers Crisps recycling scheme?
Answer: From December 2018, you will be able to drop off your crisp packets at one of hundreds public access collection points around the UK or alternatively post them for free directly to TerraCycle for recycling. Once the packets have been collected they will be cleaned, shredded and turned into small plastic pellets which will then be converted into useful plastic items, such as benches and fence posts. In the meantime, please keep hold of your crisp packets before the scheme begins.
Question: What packets can be recycled in the new scheme?
Answer: All crisp packets are accepted.
Question: Why don't you use recycled materials for your packaging?
Answer: Our outer bags of our multi packs are Polypropylene (Symbol 5). You can find this symbol on the back of all of the outer bags of our multi pack packaging. These bags can be recycled where the facility exists. Check with your local council if they accept this type of plastic as this can vary. Inner bags in a multi pack and single bags cannot be recycled.
Question: What are you doing to reduce the emissions used to make your crisps?
Answer: From farm to store, we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our CO2 emissions. There are countless ways we are doing this from making our factories more energy efficient to optimising our haulage network.
Question: How do you source your potatoes?
Answer: Our potatoes come from 88 different British farms. Walkers have been working with some of these farms  for 3 generations!
Question: How have the flavours and suppliers been quality checked?
Answer: Before commencing work with any of our suppliers, extensive background checking and procurement processing is undertaken so that we can be sure that we are working with the finest quality producers.
Question: Do you test your flavours on animals?
Answer: No we do not test our products on animals.
Question: How are you progressing with your commitment that by 2015 50% of your products will be baked?
Answer: We've yet to find technology to make 50% of our savoury snacks baked or with positive nutrition but remain committed to it. Please visit our website for details of our progress against commitments:
Question: PepsiCo is a member of the Responsibility Deal – how is this campaign supporting efforts to make people in the UK healthier?
Answer: The Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal provides an important forum for industry to play its part in improving public health.  As active participants, we have voluntary signed up to 14 pledges which includes reshaping our products to make them healthier, marketing responsibly and engaging with consumers so they can make informed choices.

Between 2005 and 2007 we reduced the amount of saturated fat in our Walkers crisps and savoury snacks as well as the amount of salt.  More than three quarters of our single serve savoury snack products that don’t contain positive nutrition are now under 160 calories.
Question: Where are the ingredients sourced for other ranges?
Answer: Our ingredients are generally sourced from the UK and Europe though in some instances globally, especially for spices. 
Question: How are you making the production of your crisps more sustainable?
Answer: We are constantly looking at ways to make the whole process from farm to store more sustainable, from improving the irrigation in our fields to reducing the amount of carbon emissions in our factories. 

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