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Question: My bag appears to be really empty, are you putting less crisps inside?
Answer: Our packets of crisps are filled by weight.  You should  always find that the packets weigh the grammage stated on the packet.      However, there is a very good reason for the packets not being filled right to the top. Crisps are very fragile and can get crushed very easily. To try and prevent this from happening, we put air in the packs before they are sealed to act as a cushion for the product during transit. This does mean that the packets have to be a bit bigger than the contents. 
Question: Why are there burnt crisps in my bag?
Answer: We only want the great crisps to make it into a bag of Walkers; which means we have checks in place to ensure that crisps with burnt bits don't make it in. However, from time to time some do slip through the net. If this is the case please let our consumer services team know through our website and they will be in touch.
Question: How do you ensure your crisps are fresh?
Answer: We have several measures to ensure that our crisps remain fresh. We have nitrogen in our packs, and you'll notice that our sell-by dates are soon after production, to ensure that they're eaten at their best.
Question: Why does the bag feel like it has more air in it?
Answer: We have increased the amount of air in the bag so that our crisps are better protected when transported which means you will be enjoying bigger crisps.
Question: How do you make sure your crisps are good quality?
Answer: Quality is at the heart of everything that we do - whether it's the quality of potato we allow in, the thickness of the slice, the level of moisture that gives the perfect crunch, the sourcing of delicious seasoning ingredients or the golden shade that we demand of all of our crisps
Question: Do you put nitrogen gas in the bag of crisps to keep them fresh?
Answer: We don't use any artificial preservatives, instead we maintain the freshness of the product by using good quality packaging. We pack Walkers Crisps in a protective atmosphere of nitrogen gas and make sure we seal the packs very carefully.
Question: What does Fresh Taste Guarantee mean?
Answer: We pride ourselves on producing only the highest quality crisps that taste the same as the day they were cooked.
Question: Why is the expiry date on a packet of crisps is always on a Saturday?
Answer: In the manufacturing sites we work on production weeks which start on a Sunday. All product produced in that week will have the same Best Before date. As the week ends on the Saturday, the Best Before date will always end on a Saturday.

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