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Question: What are RIs and how are they calculated?
Answer: Reference Intake (RI’s) are a guide to the maximum amounts of calories, fat, saturates, sugars and salt an average adult should consume in a day (based on an average female adult). They were formerly known as Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs).  On pack we label the proportion of the Reference Intake provided by a portion of the food or drink, expressed as a percentage.
The colour coded scheme also show’s what percentage of RI’s a serving/portion provides, helping consumers to make more informed choices of what they eat and drink.
Question: What is the difference between saturated and non-saturated fat in Walkers crisps?
Answer: Saturated fat and unsaturated fat differ in their chemical structure and also their impact on health. Saturated fat is negatively associated with blood cholesterol levels and consequently dietary advice recommends managing the intake of saturated fat in the diet. Sunseed and rapeseed oil blend in which we cook our Walkers crisps in has up to 75% less sat fat than traditional cooking oils. 
Question: Is a packet of crisps one of my 5 a day?
Answer: Hi there, No our crisps do not count as 1 of your 5 a day. Although our Walkers crisps are made from 100% British Potato; potatoes themselves do not count as 1 of your 5 a day. When eaten as part of a meal, potatoes are seen as a starch alternative to bread, pasta etc . You can find out more at:
Question: How do Walkers fit into a balanced diet?
Answer: The Government's Healthy Eating guide, The Eatwell Plate, shows how snack foods can be part of an overall balanced diet. It is generally accepted that 8 - 10% of your calories can come from a snack. For an average women who needs about 2000kcals a day, this is 160-200kcals.
For example, a 25g bag of Cheese & Onion Walkers contains 130kcals and a 32.5g bag of Cheese & Onion Walkers contains 169kcals. Please see back of pack information for other flavours. For more information why not also take a look at the NHS website for more information at:
Question: What is a balanced diet?
Answer: When it comes to a healthy diet, balance is key. This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. For more information why not also take a look at the NHS website for more information at:
Question: Is it okay to feed my children Walkers crisps?
Answer: When it comes to a healthy diet for children, balance is key. This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions. Within this context a bag of crisps can be enjoyed by children. See link to Govt eat well plate, for government recommendation. However it is important to remember that young children  require fewer calories than adults (1,800 calories for children aged five to 10) 
Question: Which are the healthiest crisps from Walkers?
Answer: We can't comment on the particular crisps, but we're very proud of what goes into a bag of Walkers. We are committed to making our crisps the best they can be without compromising taste.  We have invested in the move to a blend of sunseed and rapeseed oil, which is over 75% lower in saturates than traditional cooking oil;  and since 2003 we have been working hard to reduce the salt levels in our crisps.  A 32.5g bag of Cheese & Onion now contains only 8% of your daily calories, 1% sugar, 14% fat, 4% saturated fat and 7% salt. We think they taste pretty great too! We also have a range of other products for you; some are baked offering lower fat options, and others are light offering lower calorie options. 
Question: What percentage of your RIs of (salt/ sat fat/ calories) are in a packet of Walkers?
Answer: A standard packet of Cheese & Onion 32.5g contains 8% calories, 1% sugar, 14% fat, 4% saturated fat and 7% salt of an adult's daily reference intake. Please go to our range page and click on each of the flavours to find out more. 
Question: How many bags can be eaten per day within your RI allowance and what size of pack does this refer to?
Answer: A balanced diet that includes variety of foods is very important, we can't recommend that your RI is used up with crisps alone. 
Question: How much exercise does it take to burn off a packet of Walkers crisps?
Answer: People will have varying levels of energy expenditure dependent on body size, but generally a 32.5g bag of Cheese & Onion contains 169 calories which is about 35 minutes of gardening, 26 minutes of dancing or cleaning windows for an hour!
Question: What is the most important thing to look at when choosing a healthy snack? (Salt, fat, calories, sugar?)
Answer: "The front of pack hybrid label shows consumers how much fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt is in their food per 100g/100ml through a multiple traffic light system as well as identifying, via the % RI, how much of a nutrient is contained within a portion of the food.

We would always recommend the colours are used as a guide and encourage consumers to also use the % of RI per portion which is clearly visible on pack to help them make an informed choice. 
Red light: this means the product is high in this nutrient per 100g
Amber light: this product is neither high nor low in this nutrient per 100g 
Green light: this product contains a low amount of this nutrient per 100g

Many foods will have a mixture of red, amber and green colours on them. You may want to choose products with more ‘greens’ or ‘ambers’ and keep an eye on how many products you consume with a number of ‘reds’ on, to help achieve a healthy balanced diet. 

We would also recommend that you use the % RI as a guide too as sometimes products may have the same colour code but have different amounts of nutrients per portion. Also take note of the calorie content of the snack which is found on pack."
Question: Why do Walkers contain salt?
Answer: Saltiness is one of the five tastes that our senses can detect (along with bitterness, sweetness, sourness and unami).  Salt  helps to bring out the flavour of food, making it taste good. It's what helps give our crisps their delicious flavour. Many of us in the UK eat too much salt, and to help people understand how much they are consuming, we clearly label the salt content of our products on the front of the packs. 
Question: Why don't you reduce the amount of salt in your crisps?
Answer: We are dedicated to reducing our salt levels across all of our products and we have made great progress over the years.
It means that today, a 32.5g bag of Walkers Cheese & Onion contains 0.4g of salt; that's 7% of the daily reference intake.
Question: Why is too much salt bad for you?
Answer: Hi There, It is recommended that adults should consume <6g salt per day and children even less. High salt intakes may cause or exacerbate conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke or heart disease. You can find out how much salt is in our crisps, clearly labelled, on the front of our packs. 
Question: Why do we need salt in our diets?
Answer: Salt is a combination of sodium and chloride.  Sodium is an essential nutrient in the body which helps us absorb certain nutrients from our food and water from our gut. Sodium is important for regulating bodywater content and the balance of electrolytes  in our bodies. The recommended daily intake of salt is 6g - a32.5g bag of Walkers has 0.4g  (7%)
Question: Does the nutritional content change from flavour to flavour?
Answer: Nutritionally, our standard bags (32.5g) of Core Walkers are all pretty similar. Which flavour you choose will depend on which type of taste you love best! You can find full nutritionals for each flavour here. We also have a range of products that offer lower calories such as Walkers Baked and Pops. 
Question: Are you moving to traffic light labelling?
Answer: We will be introducing a single, standardized hybrid system of reference intakes plus colours across our UK portfolio. Due to the sheer number of brands we have in our portfolio this will take us a little time and you may see some of our products displaying the new label information and some without at the moment. We are committed to having the roll out completed by the end of June 2015.
Question: Why do Walkers contain fat?
Answer: Walkers crisps are made from british potatoes, which are then sliced and cooked in a blend of sunseed and rapeseed oil which is up to 75% lower in saturated fat (the one to watch) than traditional cooking oils. We then add our seasoning to give you the great taste you know.
Question: How much fat am I allowed as part of my daily intake?
Answer: The Daily reference intake for fat is 95g.
The Daily reference intake for saturated fat is 30g.

Please refer to front of pack labelling to see how do Walkers crisps contribute to your RI.
Question: What is a good split of food to put in a school lunchbox?
Answer: The best place for information on what is a good split of food to put in a school lunchbox is the British Nutrition Foundation website. Visit the British Nutrition Foundation website at for healthy lunchbox ideas
Question: Would you recommend people choose Walkers over snacks such as fruit?
Answer: No, fruit and vegetables are important in the diet and it is recommend that we consume 5 portions a day. While crisps are made from potatoes, they do not count towards your 5 a day, but we do believe Walkers can be consumed as part of an overall balanced diet. 
Question: What pack size do you recommend for children?
Answer: Young children require less calories than adults over the day (1,800 calories for children under 10) Our crisps come in a variety of portion sizes, for e.g multipack crisps tend to be smaller at 25g whereas our standards are 32.5g. All of our nutritional info is clear on the front of pack.  
Question: Aren't Walkers crisps just empty calories? There's nothing good in them
Answer: Our Walkers crisps are made from 100% British potatoes and are cooked with our blend of Sunseed and rapeseed  oil which is 75% lower in saturates than traditional cooking oils. We do not include nutrition claims on our standard products right now and we don't think it would be appropriate to promote crisps on the basis of a health benefit.  Crisps are a fun, tasty snack.
Question: Can you lose weight and still eat Walkers crisps?
Answer: For individual dietary advice you will need to speak to your GP or a registered dietitian or nutritionist.  We do offer a range of portion sizes and forms of crisps (e.g. baked, air popped) and believe in giving our consumers the information they need to make informed choices when eating our crisps  - whether it's through the information on our packs, the nutritional information on our website or the questions we are asked as part of this online Q&A
Question: Are crisps bad for your teeth?
Answer: There is no evidence to show crisps are bad for your teeth.  Good dental hygiene and moderate consumption are essential to help reduce the risk of dental decay. Please refer to British Dental Heath Foundation for further advice:
Question: How do health benefits of a bag stack up against a chocolate bar?
Answer: Please refer to daily reference intake information displayed on front of pack of the products to make comparisons.
Question: Why do you have lower calorie options? E.g. Walkers Baked
Answer: We believe in giving people choice - whether flavours, portion sizes or "lighter" versions - that's why we offer products like Walkers Baked (which are baked rather than fried) and Walkers POPs, or Sunbites - lower fat options. 
Question: Do you feel that multi-packs encourage people to eat more than one pack of Walkers a day?
Answer: We believe in giving people choice and value - offering a range of portion sizes and pack formats - from our single serve bags to our multipacks, to help people plan for the week ahead.  While Walkers do sell multipacks, one bag is considered a serving/portion. 
Question: Aren't you misleading customers if not ALL the ingredients in the range are from the UK?
Answer: We make no claim that our all our ingredients are grown in the UK, we simply like to highlight the fantastic British produce that we have the privilege of having access to.

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