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Question: I still have an old promotional pack, what should I do with it?
Answer: If you take a look at the T&Cs on the back of your pack you will find a promotion closing date. Feel free to enter if there's still time, but if the promotion is closed then we're afraid it's too late!
Question: Do Walkers name Charitable donations?
Answer: Yes, we support local charities in the Leicestershire area only.
Question: Will you run Do us a Flavour Again?
Answer: Sorry, we have no current plans bring this promotion back.
Question: Where is your product sold?
Answer: All major retailers and independent stores.
Question: I am interested in working for Walkers. Do you have any vacancies?
Answer: Please check our careers page here: www.pepsico.co.uk/careers for any current vacancies. Good luck!
Question: How do I complain about something?
Answer: If you could give us a call on 0800 274 777 we'd be more than happy to help out. Or click here to contact us over the web.
Question: Where can I get Walkers display stands or other merchandise for my business?
Question: Where are your headquarters?
Answer: Our Head Office is in Reading
Question: How do you ensure that your crisps are value for money?
Answer: At Walkers, we provide a range of bag sizes from 25g multi pack to a larger sharing bag. We continue to invest in our product offering to ensure our crisps are the best quality. 
Question: Where does the logo come from?
Answer: Walkers Logo was redesigned in 1990 to be aligned with the sister company Lays logo.
Question: How old is the Walkers company?
Answer: Walkers was launched by Henry Walker in 1948.
Question: What was the price of the first ever Walkers crisps?
Answer: In the 1990's the RRP for a standard bag was 23p
Question: Are you called Lays in other countries?
Answer: Walkers is owned by PepsiCo that also owns the Lays brand. 
Question: Can I buy Walkers Crisps in another country?
Answer: Some of our crisps are exported, please contact consumer services team to find out more. Click here.
Question: I have a great idea for your company, how can I share it?
Answer: We are always very interested in new ideas which could possibly help our business. However, we are committed to several outside agencies and our own employees who devote their time and energy to dreaming up imaginative new ideas for new products and improving our current range.
Question: Which management style do Walkers enforce? How do you motivate your workers?
Answer: We have a fundamental belief that people hold the key to PepsiCo's success. We are know as an academy company, a place where people grown and business leaders develop.  And if you accomplish something exceptional, you can expect to receive real recognition for your achievements.

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